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How to Plan A Destination Wedding In Europe | Destination Wedding Photography

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

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How to Plan A Destination Wedding In Europe

Congratulations on your engagement! We’re so excited that you’re thinking of a destination wedding. It can be a welcome change from the norm and very rewarding. Couples choose to have destination weddings for many reasons. Some of them include less stress, a chance to travel and the new adventures involved.

Planning your destination wedding is a bit different from planning a regular one in your hometown. For one thing, there is less stress involved. Wondering how to get started? That’s why we’re here.

As a travelling duo here at Urban Photo Lab we understand how amazing destination weddings are and why you'd want one. That's why we thought we should share a few tips that you could find helpful. Here are a few pieces of advice from us on how to plan a destination wedding in 2021.

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1. Decide on A Destination

The location where you hold your wedding is significant. It will affect your travel fees, the atmosphere at your wedding, and how your planning goes. Europe is an amazing place for a destination wedding.

Couples love place like Ibiza, Mallorca, Montenegro and destinations in Italy. The atmosphere, the weather and the beauty are what often attracts them. Imagine having your wedding in Ibiza? You would certainly be the excited talk of many extended family dinners for a while. The experience would be magical.

2. Choose A Wedding Theme

After deciding on the wedding destination, the next step is to pick a style. A more formal wedding would work best in a ballroom venue (propably Chateu in France or Villa Balbiano in lake Como). A fun and relaxed destination wedding is best held at a beach. For your fun destination wedding in Europe, you’ll find many beautiful beaches at Ibiza, Mallorca and Siena, Italy.

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3. Contact A Wedding Planner

This is where the stress-free part of destination wedding planning comes in. Once you can settle on a destination you love and choose a great wedding planner, you’re free. All you’ll have to do is occasionally check in virtually. You can then focus on other important things like your relationship and getting the best wedding dress.

4. Choose A Season

The season you choose to have your wedding is quite important. You’ll be wanting a celebration that is fun and in good weather. Some couples also want some privacy so they avoid peak tourist season. If you’re trying to save, avoiding peak tourist season is also important. It’ll help you beat down your prices.

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5. Pick A Date

It’s time to decide the day you want to have your wedding anniversary on for the rest of your lives. Many couples choose a date already significant to them. Examples are when they had their first date and a birth date.

Some couples also choose a date based on venue availability. If you have a particular destination and venue in mind, you could ask which days they have free and make your choice from that. What’s really important is the fact that you’ll be getting married to the love of your life.

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6. Find Out the Legal Requirements

When it comes to a destination wedding, there are two ways that couples go about the legalities. One is that you could have a short legal ceremony here in the UK and then have your wedding party overseas.

However, if you want your destination wedding to start your marriage officially, you’ll have to find out the legal requirements for the destination you choose. Your wedding planner will usually have a thing or two to say about this. They’ll also offer helpful tips and could help you file for the needed documents.

7. Notify Your Guests

Notifying your loved ones who you intend to celebrate with, on time, is a very important part of destination wedding planning. This will help them make the necessary plans and get any funds that they'd need in time. Those that need to ask for leave from work will be able to do so.

As long as you give them enough time to hand in the prior notice required, they'll be there for you. You can send out a simple save the date, notifying them as soon as you've decided on a destination and a date. They should receive notice latest, three months before the date of your wedding.

A destination wedding in Europe can be one of the best experiences of your lives. We’ve even seen couples combine their destination wedding with their honeymoon. It’s a great way to save money on flights and have a great time. Whatever your reasons for choosing to have a destination wedding, with the right planning you’ll have a successful celebration. Best of luck!!!

So, what do you say? Don't forget that we handle natural wedding photography here at Urban Photo Lab. We can cover your destination wedding too. If you contact us, we’ll get started making plans immediately.

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