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Best Places To Get Married In Montenegro | Wedding Villas | Wedding Photography

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

best places to get married in montenegro - wedding photographer

Best Places To Get Married In Montenegro

Montenegro is a petite country in the south-east of Europe, next to Croatia and opposite of Italy. Because of it's location in southern Europe, Montenegro is really easy to get to. There are four International Airports you can use to get here so you'll have no trouble finding a connection from any European centre.

Montenegro has just under 300km of coastline along the Adriatic Sea, of which about 50km are beaches. This is where most people stay during their holiday. Montenegro is busiest during the long, hot summer (June-August). We prefer visiting in spring or early autumn, when the temperatures are still high enough for swimming but it's easier to explore the country's stunning landscape. As autumn progresses into winter, rainstorms become more prevalent and many coastal businesses close;

First, we will start with a bit of bureaucracy. To get married in Montenegro there are no residency requirements but you must give the notice to marry at least 7 days before the ceremony takes place. The legal age for marriage is 18 years for both men and women and all your documents must be translated by an official translator and stamped with an apostille.

Best Montenegro wedding locations | wedding photographer
Hotel Forza Mare

Hotel Forza Mare, Montenegro

Forza Mare and Forza Terra are family-owned, five-star, boutique hotels with authentic designs on equal footing with the warmth of their hospitality. On the waterside 'old road' in Dobrota, formerly a sleepy village of old stone villas, but now a hive of tourist development, within walking distance of Kotor (two and a half miles), with its lovely Unesco-listed medieval-walled Old Town. A carefully designed boutique hotel with touch of unashamed extravagance, hidden away in a dramatically beautiful location. With playful contemporary interior design, each room is themed around a different country, region or city. It's popular with international celebrities looking for a discreet retreat, with former guests including Spanish football coach Pep Guardiola, Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, and Beyonce and Jay-Z. It also makes a gorgeous venue for a very special small wedding.

Tivat (11km) is the closest airport, but many people fly into Dubrovnik (66km) before self-driving along the coast to Montenegro. It is also possible to fly into Podgorica (80km), the Montenegrin capital city. Click on the links below for a list of airlines serving these airports.

Best Places to get Married in Montenegro - wedding photographer

Moutain Lovcen, Montenegro Bay

This is a very popular destination for small wedding ceremonies (up to 10 people), where you can see Boka in all its splendor from a bird’s eye view – the sea surrounded by gorges of cliffs, pure mountain air, bright sun and tiled roofs of the ancient Kotor below, in the distance. After the ceremony, you can continue the wedding photoshoot on the streets of the ancient city of Kotor.

Mount Lovćen is overlooking the city of Tivat and beautiful Tivat Bay. A picturesque spacious glade with a beautiful view of the sea is at your disposal. It offers a stunning view of the most romantic sunsets. A nearby fortress can be an interesting location for a photoshoot.

our lady on the rocks , wedding day photography

Our Lady of the Rocks, Perast, Montenegro

Our Lady of The Rocks situated off the coast of Perast, is the only island on the Adriatic created by human hand. Legend has it that fishermen found a picture of Virgin Mary on a rock that protruded from the sea and decided to give it to St. Nicolas church in Perast. As the picture kept returning to the rock in inexplicable ways, the locals assumed it was a miracle and decided to form an artificial island there. In 17th century, a beautiful catholic church was constructed on the island and the picture was placed in it. There are many exceptional places in there world where you can say “I do”… The island of Our Lady of the Rocks is certainly one of them. The charms of the Bay of Kotor and its fascinating history make it a really unique place. It is absolutely ideal for the perfect wedding ceremony.

montenegro wedding photographer

Hotel Conte, Perast

If you are dreaming about a romantic wedding by the sea, about the unique baroque ambience of an old town, about the authentically decorated hotel with modern amenities, about a restaurant that will best present the tradition of Montenegro through its dishes and cordial staff, then the old town of Perast and the hotel “ Conte “ are the right choice for you! You can have your ceremony at Our Lady Of The Rocks and then take boats to Conte hotel for your wedding reception.

wedding in montenegro - best villas

Aman Sveti Stefan

The resort comprises eight suites at Villa Miločer and 50 village rooms, cottages and suites on the island while boasting two kilometres of Adriatic coastline including the pink sandy beaches of Sveti Stefan, Miločer Beach and the renowned Queen’s Beach. Weddings here at Aman Sveti Stefan are personal and event experts ensure that every detail is unique. There are several spaces available for your celebration, including a private island. There are intimate venues available which take advantage of the incredible weather and stunning sunsets. The options are endless and there will be somewhere that suits you without a doubt.

Pink-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and rugged, pine-cloaked mountains form the untamed backdrop to Aman Sveti Stefan, in one of Europe's last corners of truly wild beauty - Montenegro.

montenegro wedding locations - wedding photographer in montenegro

So, if you are really keen on getting married in Montenegro, we support your choice and we know you'll have an amazing time!

If you are looking for a Montenegro Wedding Photographer & Videographer send us an email, we would love to be part of your fairytale! Congrats!

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