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Updated: Jan 26, 2021



In case you’ve never heard of the term “eloping”, simply refers to when a couple runs away to a distant place, to get married in the presence of a few closest guests. In other words, you can call it the run-away wedding package. Elopement as a way of getting married is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Many young couples, often millennials, are sick and tired of the big wedding pressure and they just want to celebrate their love simply and carefree.

However, as easy and scintillating as it may sound, some people still do find it hard in choosing the right place to elope, especially in Europe, which is why today, we’ll be looking at Top 5 beautiful locations to elope in 2020. Eloping is a very magical experience. You get a chance to say "I do" in the most beautiful places with your better half, what would you need more?

Top Elopement/ & Wedding Locations in Europe

wedding photographer in montenegro - best places to elope and get married - boka kotorska

1. MONTENEGRO - Boka Kotorska

The Bay of Kotor, known also as simply Boka, is a bay in the heart of the Adriatic Sea in southwestern Montenegro and Croatia. The bay is naturally divided into four smaller parts - Herceg Novi bay, Risan bay, Kotor bay, and Tivat bay. It is a very beautiful place to get married. Montenegro isn't full of tourists just yet. People are lovely and the food is delicious. If you are looking for something different than popular spots in Europe it's a good idea to have a look at this picturesque country. Located only 1-hour drive from Dubrovnik, you can catch fairy cheap flight from London Gatwick to Dubrovnik or Manchester to Tivat.

- SVETI STEFAN, Montenegro

Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel And Restaurant (Montenegro)

If you aim to have a once-in-a-lifetime eloping event with your partner in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan in the Budva city of Montenegro would be the perfect place to make that happen.

Measuring about six miles east of Budva, Stefan Island is linked by a sand deposit formation, which has gradually formed over the years. And it is the best island for a small wedding event or elopement because naturally, it is uniquely secluded from the chaos and noise of the busy city.

Located at Sveti Stefan 85315, Montenegro, the Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel and Restaurant was initially a fishing village, which was later rebuilt into the eye-watery and stunning resort we have today. As such, for the few guests that will be present at your elopement or a small wedding ceremony, you can book rooms at the Villa Milocer(formerly the summer residence of Queen Marija Karadordevic), and the accommodation facility at Aman.

Plus, given that the hotel has lots of rooms and suites which have all been well furnished and equipped to keep you and your guests comfortable at all times, each room offers you different kinds of view from the sea, down to the beautiful garden, depending on the one you opt for. So, you can rest assured of having a seamless experience with your partner before and after the elopement in the hotel.

As some couples have done over the years, after eloping or organizing their small wedding ceremony, you could decide to spend your honeymoon right there in the hotel, at a certain discount depending on how long you wish to stay with your partner.

Trust me, other than the romantic, scintillating and peaceful experience you’ll have over there with your partner, your guests will always love you for choosing Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel and Restaurant, as your elopement location!

In a nutshell, elopement is fun especially when you’re fully aware of the right place to host it. That is why, if you’re thinking of hosting your elopement or small wedding ceremony in beautiful European countries like Montenegro and so on, then check out the above-mentioned locations, and you’ll forever live to cherish your elopement ceremony.

- PERAST, Montenegro

Vila Perast (Montenegro)

Located at Obala Kapetana Marka Martinovich,

The Villa Perast is an old small village, which is situated on the coast of the Bay of Kotor. Thus, if you’re looking for an ideal place to elope in Montenegro, with a little bit of classical experience just by the seaside, then the Villa Perast, which has an excellent hospitality service, is where you need to be.

The most fascinating thing about this area is the consistent chain of tourism activities that goes on there. So, while eloping, or after your done with your little wedding ceremony, you can use that opportunity to have some fun with your newly wedded partner, by looking around at the architectural masterpieces in the form of baroque palaces, Catholic Churches, and the famous tall towers of Perast.

french riviera place to elope in europe - wedding photographer

2. FRENCH RIVIERA, France Coast

Paris may be the city of love but in the French Riviera, love is all around.

The Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or Wedding Venue (French Riviera)

If you’re looking at hosting a small wedding event, at a venue where the attendees will be less than 50 persons including you and your partner, then you might want to consider Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or in French Riviera.

Put differently, it is an ideal wedding spot for a more personal and intimate wedding experience, due to its small capacity. Located in the elegant village of Eze, the Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or provides to couples a panoramic sea view garden, which in most people’s words, is perfect for a small wedding and eloping ceremonies. Plus, you won’t have to worry about drinks for your few attendees as they have a beautiful terrace, where drinks can be served to your attendees before and after the elopement.

dubrovnik and montenegro to elope - montenegro wedding photography

3. CROATIA, Dubrovnik

Luxury Villa Sherezade (CROATIA, Dubrovnik)

If you guys are searching for a low-key wedding setting to elope peacefully with a few guests to grace the occasions in Croatia, the Villa Sherezade is certainly an ideal and charming spot to do that.

Being a little bit isolated from the rest of the world, with a whole lot of Hispanic themes and local cuisines that makes it look more of a garden, the Sherezade restaurant will certainly make your eloping event a memorable one. Plus, you can have dozens of photoshoots with your partner, in front or behind the amazing array of its greenish plantation.

wedding photography in sorrento italy - best places to get married



Weddings in Sorrento. A charming town which dominates the sunny Bay of Naples. Sorrento became a very popular wedding destination and couples from all around the world choose to get married in this enchanting southern Italian city. This place is famous for its remarkable landscapes, sea and mountain views, as well as romantic and gorgeous wedding venues