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Middleton Lodge - Fig House | Best Wedding Venue

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Middleton Lodge Wedding at Fig House - UK Wedding Photographer

Middleton Lodge Best Wedding Venue in the UK

Choosing a wedding venue is no small feat. Your loving celebration is one of the most important chapters of your life and as such you need everything to be perfect! Elegance at its finest, luxury and timeless memories that will adorn your memory lane as a treasured heirloom. Naturally, you would like the venue to portray your own romantic essence and bridal vision, that is why it is essential to choose something special. In the spirit of illuminating the most extraordinary bridal locations across the UK, this time we highlight one of the most opulent gorgeous places - the Middleton Lodge wedding venue.

Discovering this estate means entering another era and losing yourself in its otherworldly charm. The Middleton Lodge dates back to the 18th century and was built in the likeness of the century’s Georgian aesthetic. Set in the New Yorkshire countryside upon amazing 200 acres, it entwines whimsical nostalgia of historical beauty, nature’s lush grandeur and modern-day amenities. It has that Mediterranean country flair which makes it ideal for those couples who cannot fly their whole family in Tuscany yet still want to experience that authentic romantic ambience! Such properties are the crowning jewel of UK wedding photography because they give almost surreal backdrops and spoil us with breathtaking interiors and exteriors.

Middleton Lodge wedding venue
Middleton Lodge wedding venue - cost

The Middleton Lodge wedding venue offers two extraordinary options for your romantic union. There is the Main House with its historic Georgian refinement and a closely nearby, about a five-minute walk is the ethereal Fig House that overlooks the restored Walled Garden. As soon as you hear the word ‘garden’ and ‘historical’ - you know that this venue is bound to curate divine moments and entice the creativity of your Middleton Lodge wedding photographer!

Trust us, the Fig House, for example, has poetic ethereal light because of its high windows and features incredible contrast with the stone and brick aesthetic. It is simply impossible to resist its allure! The garden that encompasses this beautiful structure is an ode to the archetypal Italian country style. Because it has been restored and serves as a reception spot, the contemporary touch is utterly enchanting. When it comes to ceremonies, the juxtaposed The Boiler House Bar near the Fig House will be the sanctuary for your eternal love and devotion.

The timeless aesthetic of the Main House in the Middleton Lodge wedding venue will bewitch you as soon as you pass its premises and behold the sweeping staircase in the Grand Hall. For ceremonies, there is a wonderful variety of choices. You can host it in the Drawing Room, in the Hallway and when the weather is kinder and warmer - under the wooden Pavilion on the lawn. Depending on your guest size you can have your reception in the Dining Room or Marquee. Everything about this place just sounds and looks breathtaking! Whichever you choose, know this - your authentic UK wedding photography portraiture will look sublime! If you are curious about the Middleton Lodge wedding cost, you can have a look HERE.

Middleton Lodge Boho wedding - UK Wedding Photographer

If the Middleton Lodge wedding venue harkens to your romantic soul and you are already thinking about booking it, rest assured that such luxurious historical yet contemporary uniqueness will ideally adorn your special day. Naturally, you will need an expert Middleton Lodge wedding photographer who knows the best spots in this location to create timeless memories for you. If you feel like that is us, we will be honoured to receive your emaill! Contact us today.

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