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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Last month we showed you a Wedding Photoshoot in Paris that had us all searching the next flight to Paris. But today’s engagement session, might just result in a re-route to exceptional Malta.

Mdina, Malta is one of the most popularly visited places by travellers because there’s no place like it anywhere.

Sitting on top of a hill overlooking large parts of Malta, it’s a small town, rich in history and surrounded by tall bastion fortifications. It’s filled with centuries-old buildings that have been well maintained throughout the ages. Here are out favorites images from engagement session in Mdina.

Engagement Photosession in Mdina, Malta

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Engagement Photoshoot in Malta, Mdina

Simply hard to believe the sheer beauty of Mdina, it is certainly old but it is not quaint, It is grand, bold and full of atmosphere. Mdina, also called the Silent City, is surrounded by fortified walls and sits on top of one of the highest hills of Malta. Built in Medieval times, much of its original architecture has been preserved and its narrow alleys tell tales of centuries of history and the various rulers that governed Malta.

It may be on most postcards and is a must in all the painters’ portfolio, yet the sight of Mdina as you are driving up to Rabat is a view that does not fail to amaze every time. Standing proudly on one of Malta’s highest promontories, the it looks like a medieval walled city straight out of a fairy tale. It is an inspiring view; a city that hundreds of years after it was built still commands respect, awe, and curiosity about its tales. And what tales, innumerable and long-winding given the city’s long history.

There’s a distinct feel you get when walking through these alleys and the views over large parts of the island from on top of the bastion walls are breathtaking and indicative of the area’s strategic importance to its various occupants.

We booked our flights from Manchester direct to Malta. It took us over 3 hours to get to this beautiful Island. There we met Magdalena and Dorian, couple lovebirds which met in Malta two years ago and now they are planning on getting married next year.

We spent whole day with those two. This engagement photoshoot still takes my breath away! Both of them were so natual with camera and also with each other.

We took a stroll through all the eras of Mdina's history, from the archeological majesty of the St. Paul's Cathedral, Mdina, through Gardens, with colourfull balconies full of flowers, to the lively cobblestone streets all around the City Centre.

Magda and Dorian, it was ever my pleasure to capture your Malta engagement photography for you. May these wonderful memories keep in your heart.

Lots of love, Paulina xxx

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