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"People get so caught up in the wedding machine... What brides don't realize is that two things last: The pictures and the new Family relationship. Other than that, Wedding is just a day"

Weddings can be overwhelming, expensive, and exhausting, so eloping with your fiance is a great way to take the pressure off from intensive wedding planning and family stress.  Whether you are still not convinced that a small wedding/ elopement is right for you, or you’re out to sell others on the idea, we have come up with a list of reasons that prove that elopement is pleased!

Have you gone through Pinterest's boards with those amazing pictures from Cliffs of Moher, Iceland, Italy or even Zanzibar and wondered how people can afford to get married in such a stunning place? Eloping makes this dream comes true, and we promise you won’t regret the outcome! Elopements are some of our favorite events to photograph. Their uniqueness and intimacy make for a truly special experience that we’re always thrilled to be a part of. Let us share a few reasons why we think this non-traditional trend is a great avenue to consider.

Elopements have risen in popularity in recent years, so much so that wedding planners and service providers have started businesses solely dedicated to eloping.  Today, eloping includes anything from a small 10 guest ceremony to an intimate party-of-two wedding, or a spontaneous courthouse commitment.

1. It’s quick!

There may be many reasons why couples choose to elope ranging from pregnancies to family issues. Sometimes those reasons necessitate a short planning duration. It is difficult to plan a 120-guest wedding in two weeks – but an elopement is entirely doable! You really need few weeks to plan your dream day.

2. You can focus on the love, rather than the guest list.

Instead of worrying about your Uncle Bob getting drunk, or your cousin John telling stupid jokes to your mother-in-law during the reception, you can focus solely on the love between you and your partner. And we think that’s the best reason of all.

3. You can get married just about anywhere.

Since there is just the two of you (and maybe a handful of guests), you can get really creative with your wedding location. Want to get married on a mountaintop? Inside a forest? At your favorite cafe? On a remote beach? The choices are endless.

4. You get to travel!

Yay! Who doesn’t love an excuse to travel? An elopement gives you a license to follow your heart and travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. It’s inevitable during the planning process to, at some point, want to speed up to the honeymoon. Can you think of a better way to kick off your new lifelong commitment than with a trip somewhere you’ve never been and enjoying bonding adventure shared only between you? Perhaps the West Coast of Africa, the Scotish Highlands or the tropical islands of Carrabiean? Have the getaway you pictured in your mind with more money available to spend and less worry on your brow while you enjoy the time away. Two birds with one stone. We have seen examples of couples getting married in the Maldives and then heading for a honeymoon to Sri Lanka. Adventure!


Of all the reasons to elope, this is the biggest: your day is 100% about you. Forget crying mothers, bossy bridesmaids and people whose opinions you didn't ask for? An elopement is all about you, your fiance and pledging your forever love to one another. It’s your wedding day but everybody is going to have an opinion. This is the one thing that will probably force you to blow your top. So, skip all that drama and focus on the love your partner has to offer. Now there may be those who criticize your decision to elope as selfish or people who believe that a wedding isn’t for the couple, but for the family. If there were ever an occasion to be selfish, it’s your big day. There is plenty of other family-centered celebrations, vacations, holidays, and opportunities to bring the people you love together.

6. Your Pictures are Pretty Much Guaranteed to Be Amazing

MOST photographers LOVE shooting elopements. Without worry about squeezing all your portraits into cocktail hour, your photographer will really be able to capture the essence of you as a couple and all the romance in the air.

7. You can afford your dream wedding vendors

According to a new survey of 4,000 brides, the average cost of a UK wedding is now a whopping £27, 161 the highest it’s ever been and up 9.6 percent from last year.

Instead, spend it on your dream photographer, dream dress, and a beautiful bouquet. Pocket the rest of the savings for your perfect honeymoon or down payment on your future home. You can go ahead and buy your Grace Loves Lace wedding dress and hire an amazing makeup artist and have a ton of fun. But I will repeat: Do not go cheap on the photos/film as they are your only memory of your big day and how you will share the big news with your family/friends.  It is worth it to find the right photographer and to cut back on other parts of the budget.

8. You'll Have an Amazing Story to Tell Your Grandchildren

You can write your own vows, you can choose your dream place. You can make this day unforgettable. You can simply break down tradition and just elope!

9. Costs

By having an intimate wedding, which means you don’t have to go over budget. For many couples, this is the primary reason for scaling back the guest list. There’s no need to pay 150 per head for dinner to rekindle old friendships. You can cut on wedding venue/ band/ DJ and gifts for family.

You can also find some great places to elope in England (most of them based in Cornwall). Just go for it! You do you. If you love traveling and want to avoid all the stress, elopement it's for you!

And hey! If you decide to elope in any of places from our Bucket List, you will receive massive 20% discount on our wedding photography package ( We can't think about a better reason to elope)

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