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Just Got Engaged?! what's Next? Start Planning Your Wedding.

Updated: Feb 26

You just got engaged, the ring is on and there is suddenly so much to think about and plan. What's next? With so many tasks to take care of, wedding planning can be a really stressful experience. By breaking everything down and putting some work into the organization, the whole process becomes much easier and more enjoyable. Here are our tips to take some of the most important first steps toward your perfect wedding!

1. Start thinking about the wedding budget

When you have a rough idea of how you would like your wedding to look like you should start thinking about how to pay for it. Be realistic and set your priorities before you start signing contracts with vendors. Often weddings become too expensive just due to poor budget management and lack of the right information. There is so much information you can find online to learn and see what other couples have done.

There are a few things that come as a priority and should be taken care of first, this could be different depending on your priorities but we would choose these three: Venue, Photographer and Florist. These three should be booked well in advance to avoid any disappointment by being turned down due to the unavailability of your wedding date.

Making a budget means you will need to maintain a detailed spreadsheet so you don't go over the limit and will help you prepare for any unexpected costs. It's a hard work but spending some time on planning and putting some energy in will mean a smoother wedding planning with less stress and problems.

2. Choose a venue

Choose a venue that matches your visions. If you are planning a modern wedding, look at well-designed restaurants, art galleries, lofts, and warehouses.

If you are more into outdoor and nature vibe than look into incorporating more natural components in parks, barns, manors, and ranches.

Choosing a perfect venue will help you to create a perfect wedding day.

We recommend booking your venues at least a year in advance. You will usually have better deals available if booked early but also you will not risk the date being booked by someone else. Choose a venue that is accessible and not too far from the nearby train, bus stations and cities as this will make it much more convenient for your guests to get to the venue. Consider your wedding banquet in off-peak like lunchtime instead of dinner as this may mean you will get a better package deal by your wedding venue.

3. Set a date

The best place to start is by choosing which season in which you’d like to get married. There are pros and cons of all four seasons, so think carefully what is most important to you. After you’ve selected a season based on your needs, you can narrow it down further to a specific month or even weekend. Demand is higher at weekends, so wedding venues tend to price those dates at a premium, but if you book your wedding on a Thursday, the reality is that you’re still booking the exact same venue, but due to demand, the overall cost may be less expensive. Another thing you can do before you choose your wedding date is to share a few dates you had in mind with guests you absolutely must have at your wedding. If there’s someone who isn’t available on a certain date, then maybe you can adjust.

4. Plan your engagement photo session

Have you thought about having engagement photos taken for your save the date invitations, website or just as a memory? Surely you will want to have your engagement photos taken by a professional wedding photographer. These photos would also be a great way of announcing your engagement on social media! When you decide to schedule your engagement photos, it might be crucial to keep in mind the climate. Here in England, that means thinking about the rain and cold! In our experience, most couples choose to have engagement photos taken during spring. Considering the weather during each session is a good way to narrow down the timeframe that will work best for you! Although it's not always possible to wait for spring, the manchester based photographers will be able to deliver beautiful results even in rain!

If the photos are for the save the date invitations, you will need to book your engagement photographer in advance. Usually, invitations are sent to guests 4-6 months in advance so this is something to take into considerations when booking your engagement photographer. If the images are for your personal use only then you have much more flexibility!

We are Manchester-based wedding photographers and have a few packages for your perfect engagement shoot or a couple session. With many years of experience, we already know the right spots in Manchester to get the most out of your engagement shoot.

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