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Probably you’ve heard this a billion times since you’ve been in full on planning mode, but again.. Once your wedding day is over, the only lasting memories of that day, the best day of your lives, will be your wedding photographs. That's pictures which you will show to your grandchildren and so on.

After choosing your wedding venue, you probably wonder and try to look for a perfect photographer. It is crucial to connect with your wedding photographer. This person is going to be with you all day long, on one of the most important days of your lives, so it's vital you feel comfortable with them.

Since I was a little girl I attended 16th weddings as a guest and 3 as a bridesmaid (that's why I love weddings so much, they are a huge part of my life). For whole this time I met only two photographers which I remember were friendly and easy-going. I always wondered why is that? This is such an incredible job. Spending time with people in love surrounded by their happy family on the most important day of their life. Now over those years, I know why. My friends/family chosen photographers which they didn't even meet. They heard about someone, it was cheap, so they went for it. They met a photographer on the day. It happened a lot of times that after receiving photos from the wedding, my friends weren't happy as photographer missed the most important moments or his vision was totally different.

That's upsetting. For this reason, we suggest that you prioritize wedding photography in your budget. What you put in is what you get out, and you surely do not want to have lackluster photos to remember your big day! Anyone can take a decent picture, but it takes a skilled photographer with great experience working at weddings to capture all the special, irreplaceable moments you and your partner will share on your big day.

Photographers are an artist, and every single one sees the world different way. There are so many different styles and types of wedding photographers..and we would just like to stress straight away that one style is not better than the other – it is personal preference. Just because you prefer a certain style does not make that style better or worse, everyone has a right to their opinion.

If you don't meet your photographer before the wedding, even just on Skype, you're taking a risk, because you don't know if you click. Also, if the photographer gets to know you well, they will be more emotionally invested in the day - at my most recent wedding I actually teared up during the speeches!

Wedding photographers aren't just suppliers, they're one of the most important guests at your wedding, it's super important to have a laugh with your photographer and be excited to have them as a part of your wedding.


You probably heard about Royal Wedding (who didn't?). So the story goes. Alex Lubomirski ( The high-fashion photographer) got invited for an interview to Kensington Palace for the biggest job in his life. Should I admit he never shot the wedding before? But Harry and Megham loved his approach to life.

Later on, the prince, the fiance, and the photographer hit it off, bonding over Botswana in Southern Africa."Because I grew up in Botswana, and Harry has a close connection to the country," he says.

"We really wanted somehow for their personality to come through the pictures," says Lubomirski. "And I just basically said to them, 'Listen, when I look at you guys look how cute you are together. …Every few minutes you kind of zone off into each other.'  …This is what I wanna capture. …I don't wanna treat you like still life's."

Alexi Lubomirski was hired.

I recommend to go deeply through Social media, website and do proper research about a person which you want to have next to you during this big moment. Nowadays Wedding Photography industry is growing, there is plenty of amazing, chilled photographers, which will make your day unforgettable. Choose wisely and have fun!

But for now we want to leave you with a thought, and it goes back to the idea of photographers being artists. We wedding photographers don’t want you to pick us just for our price, we want you to pick us because you identify with our style and the way we see the world. We want to connect with you and make you feel excited about the wedding photographs.

- Paulina

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