Will Coronavirus Covid-19 Cancel My Wedding?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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Will Coronavirus Covid-19 Cancel My Wedding?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has had a significant impact on our daily lives. For many UK couples getting married this upcoming spring and summer, there are so many unknowns with the coronavirus continuing to spread. Increasing anxiety, and in most cases, a “wait and see” approach.

Weddings are expensive and can take months or even years to plan. Postponing or canceling them might mean that couples are on the hook for thousands of pounds in lost deposits for vendors. According to an average wedding cost in the UK is £30K. Most couples have their wedding insurance in place but the circumstances of how the situation will unfold will have a massive impact on successful claims. If travel restrictions prevent the event, that would be beyond the control of the couple and that way they would be more likely to get refunds if they have to cancel. At the moment there isn't any Government rule on small events. As long as your wedding is smaller than 250 guests.

My wedding is in the summer. Should I cancel or postpone it?

Ultimately, it depends. You can either Postpone your wedding date or decide to decrease the number of guests which will attend your wedding. Hosting small weddings shouldn't be a problem, it's easier to keep the situation under control.

- Do Your Research

You should research the area of your wedding venue. We have seen a lot of wedding venues posting lately that their location is rural and completely safe for their guests as no one from their staff had virus. It is a good idea of contacting suppliers and guests to check whether those in attendance have visited affected countries within the last 14 days, checking that any guests who may be more vulnerable are still comfortable attending the event and potentially establishing a rule not to kiss the wedded couple.

- Live Streaming your wedding ceremony

If you decide to decrease the number of your guests during your wedding day, Live Streaming it's a good option to consider. This will help ensure that loved ones who can't attend the wedding due to fears of the coronavirus will still be able to 'attend' via the internet and it's perfect for the elderly or those with small children. We are going to be offering FREE Live Streaming to all clients that want it for their wedding ceremony in the 2020 year.

- Call your insurance company.

The best thing to do is to call. Call up and find out. Most good insurers should now have a specific note on their wedding pages that outlines what’s covered and what isn’t covered.

“Weddings insurance does not cover disinclination to marry,” the Association of British Insurers says.

“If the bride and groom decide to cancel their wedding due to coronavirus, insurance will not cover this as it is a decision made within the control of the bride or groom.”

However, if the venue cancels the wedding, you could be covered as the decision to cancel was beyond your control. Check with your provider for its specific terms and conditions.

- Speak to your venue and vendors.

Due to the current circumstances, we will be happy for you to move your wedding date to any time within the next 12 months as long as we're still available, with no change in our package (UK weddings only, as destination weddings, require booking new flights).

Your other suppliers may have similar plans or clauses in their contracts with you so ensure you speak with them too and see what they say. It is a hard time for all of us in the wedding industry, but we are sure people are going to be kind.

Should couples buy wedding insurance?

Many wedding insurance providers have now suspended applications for cover for an indefinite amount of time, leaving some couples more stressed and confused than ever.

How should we protect our guests from the coronavirus?

Some guests might have their own health concerns and will need to decide for themselves how comfortable they would be attending the wedding. Communicate whatever information you have with them and let them know you will continue to stay in touch. Keeping guests in the loop will help them to make informed choices.

Speak to your venue. Make sure the place is going to be safe for your guests. (including healthy staff, available sanitizers, space between tables during dinner and hand soaps).

Destination Weddings in Italy, Spain and other Affected Areas.

There are currently travel restrictions to all of Italy and parts of Spain as well as many other regions. As the situation is evolving daily, if you have a destination wedding planned in the coming months, we suggest keeping in touch with your venue and following the latest travel advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

We are sending you lots of positivity during this difficult time! This is an unprecedented, and rapidly developing situation which we're all figuring out as we go. We are gutted for those of you who have had to postpone your weddings or change your plans and we totally understand the predicament of those who feel like you're in limbo. We sincerely hope that COVID-19 doesn't adversely impact your wedding plans, but one thing we know for sure is that it'll never impact the unconditional love between you and your fiance.

In the meantime, we are also taking preventative measures and as such are only offering consultations or final meetings via Skype, WhatsApp or over the phone and via email.


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