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There’s a chance you would have come across the boho wedding trend, either on social media or on Pinterest. They have become one of the staple styles not just in the nuptial niche, but generally in ceremonies and receptions. With the freedom, flow, connection to nature, and the undeniable feeling of comfort, the events dressed in such a theme do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Bohemian weddings have become increasingly popular on the back of their inspirations from a range of glam and vintage.

Best Boho wedding venues in UK

Are you on the lookout for inspiration for fun, informal wedding, or a more feminine occasion, the boho style will work perfectly. If you are in the United Kingdom, even better. The style is light, flowy, and free-spirited, with a chic essence of timelessness and effortlessness. There is no need to conform to the lifestyle before you can incorporate boho elements into your wedding. Even if you favor the classic bridal group, nothing stops you from stepping outside that comfort zone while being steadfast to your roots. Whether it has come to stay or not, bohemian weddings are certainly not the kind of practice you would regret.

Boho wedding ceremony and outdoor wedding in UK
Boho wedding in UK conutryside
Bohemian wedding venues outdoor ceremony in Cheshire


There are many different venues in the United Kingdom that are adequate to convey the Bohemian wedding theme. If you want to hold your event outdoors, then you can give considerations to botanical gardens, national parks, open fields, and beachfronts. For your indoors, art galleries, industrial spaces, and museums can come through. For the minimalists, a venue can be detailed with simple boho touches.

Nonetheless, when thinking about rentals and decor, keep the vision very much in mind. Your statement furniture, mixed metals, or bistro-style string lights can only be fun when they are meticulously incorporated. No matter the kind of setting, venues are easily customizable because simplicity is the essence of the trend.

Boho wedding venues in UK:

- Wilderness Weddings, Kent outdoor venue

- The Ashes, Staffordshire

- Cripps Barn, Gloucestershire

- Clock Barn, Hampshire

- The Oak Tree of Peover, Cheshire Knutsford

Boho wedding details Naked tipi Kent ceremony outdoor
bohemian wedding bride inspiration outdoor ceremony naked tipi
outdoor ceremony Moroccan-inspired wedding kent


The good thing about boho wedding dresses is that they come in a variety of fun forms you can choose from. You can go for a design that communicates subtle elements or favor a statement dress with an array of bohemian flair. Examples are bell sleeves, separates, statement laces, and flowy skirts. Well, adding boho touches to a complete classic satin is not recommended. However, there are a series of ways for you to turn a simple classic grown and pair it with some bohemian details like a flower crown or statement jewelry. The gowns may pay homage to the outdoors, with floral accents on a pinch of color embedded throughout the design, like blush, sage, or powder blue.

- Rue De Seine - Modern Bohemian Style

- Grace Loves Lace - Handmade effortless, luxurious & timelessly sophisticated wedding dresses

- The Mews Bridal- Luxe wedding dresses fusing the modern and classic

- The White Closet - Manchester Wedding Dress shop

- HalfPenny London - Created breathtaking wedding gowns

Boho Wedding in Kent Details
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Boho wedding photographer based in London

Decor and Side Attractions

It is not bohemian if it does not allow you to showcase your creativity, even with hair accessories and headpieces. Your hair needs to showcase bridal hair vines and wedding hair flowers. In a practical sense, fabric flowers are the best choice over fresh counterparts in order to avoid wilting. You are advised to go for some Swarovski bridal head chains or a flexible crystal vine, which can drape loosely in half updo. Or, it can be wrapped around the braid to be an added romantic detail to your hairstyle. Depending on your fashion taste or what actually looks good on you, you can wear a wedding heaband or a flower crown. The goal is to bear a resemblance to a goddess, so a bridal head chain worn with the head down will carve the boho look right in.

Boho style UK florists:

- SASSFLOWER, Manchester and Cheshire

- BOHOTANICAL, Kent, London and South England

- Jasper + Quinn, Bristol

outdoor wedding boho style
Editorial wedding boho photography in UK best wedding venues outdoor

Boho weddings are our fav! If you are looking for a creative, fun and real wedding photographer, please contact us. We would love to hear from you xoxo

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