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Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Destination Wedding Photographer

Are you looking to book a destination wedding photographer or videographer?

You already know how much organization goes into booking and planning everything for your big day! You need to get the best venue, create and send your invitations in time, find the best decor, flowers and the perfect wedding dress.

There will be so much effort and work put into all this right? You will make everything perfect and when everything is over, what will you be left with? A wedding day goes by so fast!

There is one more thing on your to-do list! A wedding photographer and videographer! Make sure you do your research because when years go by and your memories fade away, you will want to remember all that hard work and effort you have put into it.

That's not a decision to be taken lightly.

This is what you need to know before booking a destination wedding photographer and videographer.

Should I bring my preferred photographer & videographer to my all-inclusive wedding resort?

All-inclusive venues are likely to charge a fee charged for providing the service and their selection of photographer will be limited and margin-based.

In some resorts, you will be charged a fee per vendor so If you hire a photographer and videographer, you might be charger the fee twice! Whether you like it or not, these fees are a real thing and you need to count this into your budget.

Do you want to save hundreds of pounds for a better service?

Most UK based destination wedding photographers and videographers have customized packages for destination weddings with a fixed price. Most of the time, you will find that offered packages are a great value and you will have a great selection of artists in your own country that you can meet even years before your wedding. Meeting your photographers is crucial for the smooth cooperation on the day. By meeting your destination photographer, you can discuss all the details, your vision, and expectations before the day. This is a big advantage that is priceless. You get to know the person and be worries free on the day! Most of the time, the UK photographer and videographer will actually work out cheaper than hiring the services offered by the venue.

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Do the destination wedding photographers and videographers work as a team?

The photographer and videographer you hire need to have a healthy dose of respect for each other while working otherwise you will likely suffer the consequences. Imagine the situation where photographer and videographer go down the aisle to capture that important moment of the first look! If these two vendors don't discuss the plan of the day and their workflow, it might end up in a catastrophe of not capturing the moment by any of them.

When you look for a destination wedding photographer and videographer, it's a good idea to find out if they have worked together before. Every photographer has a different approach and idea, its important that videographer and photographer have established the plan of the day and how their workflow will affect each other on the day.

If you can find the two who have worked together before, it's a win-win!

If you cant, don't worry. There are artists who offer both, video and photo. This is by far the best solution since the style you like will match both video and photo. The two will already have established the way they work and make sure everything is taken care of and nothing is missed. You will automatically get two photographers and videographers for the day as they will help each other in the opposite of focusing on their own carelessly. A photo & video duo is also a great way to save time and hassle. You can meet them both at once and get all your questions answered at the same time!

Another great advantage is that hiring a duo is going to save you a lot of money! the packages including both, video and photo are going to shrink in comparison to hiring each artist separately!

So what's the safest way to book? Choose a company that offers both services as one package with one team.

Will photographers and videographers provided by the venue speak your language?

Getting married abroad is exciting because of a different culture, customs, and language. It sounds all exciting until you run into communication difficulties. Communication with the venue is not going to be hard as there is a wedding planner who will speak your language. Don't forget that the wedding planner cannot answer any questions about photography. Only the photographer themself can ask and answer the questions that you might have. If you hire the wedding venue provided photo service you will probably not have seen the person photographing your big day until the start of the day itself. We can't stress this enough, meeting your photographer and videographer is so important! You need the prompt responses to your questions!

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Why would you go through all this risk and spending more money on it than if you bring your own preferred photographer from the UK?

Lets narrow down your search for the best destination wedding photographer and videographer!

We offer both services in our packages, speak perfect English and understand the importance of getting everything for your big day perfect!

Challenge us with your vision of your big day! We are a Manchester based destination wedding photographers and videographers ready to travel with you anywhere around the world! We have pre-set destination wedding packages that are customizable so you get exactly what you are looking for!

UK Based Destination Wedding Photographer

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