5 Reasons Why You Should Have An Unplugged Destination Wedding.

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Mobile devices, we all are victims of not being able to go through the day without checking our mobile phones! In fact, we struggle to go an hour without checking.

We are simply all addicted to smartphones. Even though I don't consider myself to be as bad, I certainly am a victim too.

In this time of social media and instant easy access to it, no wonder that some of our clients start to think of an unplugged destination wedding.

Unplugged wedding is when the couple decides to simply ban mobile devices on their wedding day. This way guests cannot be distracted of what's important and take photos which usually don't turn out as flattering as they should for the scale of the event.

This could mean a ban on mobile phones during a ceremony or for the entire event.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an unplugged destination wedding.

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1. Mobile phones can negatively impact the atmosphere of your wedding

As a wedding photographer at Urban Photo Lab, we have witnessed a rapid increase of the guests looking at this important event through their phones. This not only takes away their own experience but also does affect the wedding as a whole. No mention that the wedding photographer might be just one of the most important investments in your wedding day and the last thing you would like to see are those phones covering your guest's faces. From our perspective as wedding photographers, we are often obstructed by people trying to get the perfect iPhone shot and this may prevent your photographer from capturing those important moments of your big day.

Another thing to consider is that the flashes on phones have a big impact in the result of your wedding photos taken by a professional photographer. The flash can affect exposure and colors but also if there is a videographer in place, it will look very ugly in their footage which cannot be fixed in post-processing.

All in all, you should really want only the professional wedding photographer to take photos so your guests can enjoy the day with you.

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2. Social Media Posts Might Not Be as Flattering As you Would Like

Imagine, the photos taken on guests' phones are not subject to any revision or professional edit. The photos taken by guests can very quickly get out there even before you would ever agree to.

We as a wedding photographer always deliver a preview of 15-20 photos as a highlight of the day. These images are sent to the bride for revision. Those photos are the best you will get on the day. You surely would like to see anything that wouldn't be flattering to your own eye. This is the real problem of the photos leaking out pretty much at the same minute of the shot.

You have worked so hard to look stunning at your own wedding day. Every photo that reaches social media should be of you looking at your absolute best.

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3. Be the first one to announce you got married abroad.

There is so much energy and money you have put into this day. All the details that you have thought of and the excitement that has been building up to the day.

Don't let your guests post unimpressive photos that take away the hype that you are so entitled to.

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4. Not everyone may have the honor to be at your destination wedding day.

There are always some of the ones you love but cannot have on your wedding day. For whatever reason it might be, they would surely love to be part of your big day although they cant. can you imagine how awful it might feel to see the social media posts by the ones who were lucky to attend?

It would be so much more pleasing to see beautiful photos in your posts where any comment or like is received directly by you.

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5. Help your guests enjoy the moment of your wedding.

Nowadays, people are way too distracted by phones and you don't want it to be the same on one of the most important days of your life. Surely you will agree that the day is losing something genuine by everyone holding mobile phones in front of their faces. As a guest, we don't think about these details that make a big difference. We guarantee you that your guests will be grateful to you for allowing them to enjoy the day fully in an old fashion way.

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