3 Reasons To Have Your Wedding at The Schlosshotel Kronberg Castle

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

It is every woman’s desire to get married in a breathtaking destination wedding venue with the man of his dreams. If you haven’t fully decided where to have your destination wedding yet, here are top reasons why a Schlosshotel Kronberg wedding can make your fairy tale wedding dreams come true.

1.Schlosshotel Kronberg is a stunning, magnificent wedding destination.

Located in Frankfurt, Germany, Schlosshotel Kronberg is a German castle that showcases luxury and sophistication, while offering spectacular views of the Frankfurt skyline, Castel Kronburg, and a historical park.

Set within a grandiose 25 hectares of parkland, your Schlosshotel Kronberg wedding will truly be unique and memorable as it will be set in the most stunning area, Frankfurt Rhein-Main. You may choose to hold your wedding ceremony either in the Empress’ Library if you have a huge guest list or in the imperial dining room for a more intimate occasion. For the wedding reception, you and your guests can party into the night in the luxurious ballroom.

Especially for couples from other countries who wish to travel and choose a unique, memorable, and stunning destination wedding, the Schlosshotel Kronberg can be the fulfillment of your dreams.

Schlosshotel Kronberg Germany wedding castle Destination wedding photographer

2.The Schlosshotel Kronberg wedding team will help you organize your wedding.

Whether you choose to have a formal wedding ceremony or a quick elopement at this magnificent German castle, the Schlosshotel Kronberg wedding team can organise everything for your special day so that you won’t have to worry about the small details of your wedding. From the carriage or limousine to your make up artist and hairdresser, menu cards, venue decors, and musical entertainment, everything will be set and ready for the grand occasion.

Should you be bringing guests to stay in the castle, Schlosshotel Kronberg has 61 elegant rooms and suites, all offering gorgeous decors and comfortable beds. You and your spouse will be housed in the lavishly decorated wedding suite.

Castle Schlosshotel Kronberg wedding photography pre-wedding photos details

3.Schlosshotel Kronberg wedding photography will capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Your wedding will only happen once. Make sure that you capture every moment of it perfectly to make your wedding memories last a lifetime. At Schlosshotel Kronberg, every angle, every pose, and every moment of your wedding is worth capturing, especially if you hire professional destination wedding photographers who don’t just take pictures, but those who are able to tell stories and preserve memories with every photo they take.

Germany wedding photography Schlosshotel Kronberg Frankfurt wedding photography

By choosing us as your official Schlosshotel Kronberg wedding photographers, we will go the extra mile to capture your day in the best possible way. We are mostly Desination wedding photographers based in Manchester, UK but we travel all around the Europe.

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