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Updated: May 17, 2020

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Your wedding process is unarguably going to be one of the most difficult task you’ll ever have to carry out. From having to make bookings here and there, down to the lots of shopping involved, the entire process is often burdensome. However, what most brides don’t realize is that there are ways in which you could reduce part of this stress by including your mom in the process. I know you might probably be thinking, how? Well, that's why we are here today, after a series of consultation with high profile wedding planners, to share with you some tips on how to engage your mom in your wedding process.


1. Take Her On Your Shopping Tour

One of the ways to get your mom involved in your wedding process is by having her accompany you, while you're out to shop your wedding clothes and accessories. This is also important because she is the only person who is going to give you an honest review of each cloth or accessories you try out in the boutique. If she isn't close by to accompany you there, thanks to our mobile phones, you can always make a video call with her, so that she'll help you choose which one goes better on you, and those that don’t.

2. Let Her Become Your Uncertainty Settler

If there is anything common amongst all mothers, it is their undying and unconditional love to make their daughter's life better. That's why during your wedding process, God forbid something eventually happens to one of your bridesmaids in the eleventh hour, like their dress getting torn or perhaps one of the bridesmaids is acting up, rather than intervene or having to exchange words with them, you can ask your mom to help you calm things down. This is important because as the bride, it isn’t ideal for you to get all tensed up hours to your wedding, as a result of some arguments or having to fix something beyond your control. Trust me, your mom is always going to be the best fit to handle such an awkward situation.

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3. Let Her Be Your Go-To for Every Revelation

Mothers are the best when it comes to educating you on some family wedding traditions. Thus, you can ask for her help in enlightening you on the mandatory family marriage traditions and those that are optional. Traditions such as wedding veil, cans tied to the bumper, wedding Cake, tying the knot and so on, are things most brides are not familiar with. So, whether it’s cultural or religious, believe me, your mom is the right person to provide you with all the necessary answers to every question you have concerning these marital traditions. And speaking of tradition.

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4. Traditional Wedding invitation comes

If you're looking forward to making a traditional wedding invitation, the technical ones will have to come from your parents, mom precisely. And that's why, given that her name is going to be inscribed on the card, it'd be ideal to have her view on the wordings. Plus, if your mom is a woman of taste who has friends of high caliber, she might even lend a helping hand to assist you in making a more elegant style on the wedding card. And speaking of help.

5. Let Her Help with Your Guest List

If by chance, you happen to run short of cash in planning for your anticipated wedding guest list, then you can have your mom help you trim down the list to balance it with your budget. What's better is that your mom could also help you by having some of the RSVPs stay under her budget. That’s how loving mothers can get!

6. Your Closest Wedding Manager

Remember when I told you how stressful your wedding process could get, and how you can use your mom in alleviating part of such stress, well that’s why you should fill your mom’s contact in place of yours when making bookings for a caterer, florist, entertainer and so on. Put differently, your mom should be your spokesperson, guardian angel, or should we say your wedding manager to all these specialists. Except anything arises that needs your urgent attention, all communications should be made with her. In other words, she will be the one to book your appointments if there is any or speak to them concerning whatever progress they are making.

7. Arranging priorities in your Registry

Even though you're about getting married, you need to always remember that your mom has been long around before you came into this world; which implies that she has a greater experience when it comes to arranging important items in your registry. Thus, when you make your list of items that will be bought for your wedding, give the list to your mom to help you screen out some items. By so doing, she will help you filter items you never knew where redundant. Plus, on your wedding day, it’d be best to keep the gifts you’ll receive at your mom’s house for better guidance and accountability.

8. Let Her Be Your Second Eye

In regards to having a second eye on perhaps your hundreds of cards, souvenirs, food items and so on, your mom can be of immense help. This is because, she is going to watch over these things like it’s her own, and you can always bank on a mother’s watch.

9. Allow Her to Pick Your Outfit

According to Cowie, courtesy demands that your mom helps you choose your wedding dress as well as the color for the reception. And in this case, you can extend to having to hear from your partner’s mom too, on what she thinks about the outfit and color choice. Trust me, they both know what’s better for you.

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10. Make her Your Hostess

As opined by the famous wedding event manager, Diann Valentine who successfully anchored Toni Braxton and Usher Raymond’s wedding events, the best hostess a bride could have during her wedding day is her mother. In that line of thought, he further went to make suggestions on how the bride's mother could plan out a dinner party which will house the two families, or could even go further to host a mid-day tea to all the ladies in both the bride's and groom's family. In other words, having your mom do this will play a huge part in not only making the wedding a success but in creating a strong bond that will last between the two families.

11. Make Her a Part of Your Dressing-Up Team

It is always an ideal option to have your mom around in the dressing room while you’re about getting ready. This is because, even though your stylist may do their work excellently, a mother will always know where to make one or two adjustments on your body. In fact, according to Easton Events founder, Lynn, it’s always a sweet tradition and an honor for a bride’s mom, to be present in her daughter’s dressing room.

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12. She Can Be Your Eleventh Hour Errands Saviour

Whether your lipstick fell out of your pause, you forgot your flower bouquet, one of your bridesmaids needs a deodorant urgently, and so on, you can always bank on your mom to help you out in delivering these errands.

13. Take Her with You Down the Aisle

If your dad isn’t available for whatever reason, your mom can always walk you down the aisle. And in most Christian weddings, the bride’s mom ought to seat in the front row so that she will leave the church first after the ceremony is over before moving over to the reception.

14. The Aftermath Dance

At the reception, after dancing with your partner during the first dance session, your mom will be highly honored to also join you guys in the merriment, when it’s time for the second round of dance. So, have in mind to invite her over when the time comes.

15. Love and Support

Regardless of how exciting your wedding day will be, it will still be incomplete until you get to hear your mom profess her undying love and support towards you. That's why her presence at your wedding is a must unless she is absent as a result of circumstances beyond your control.

In nutshell, there are a whole lot of ways to engage your mom in your wedding process. From having her as your manager to the love and support you'll need from her throughout the entire wedding process, there will always be a space for your mother to be a part of your wedding. Plus, we'd appreciate more ideas on how you think a mother can get more involved in their children's wedding, by letting us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Cheers!

Happy wedding planning!

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