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Montenegro Wedding


If you’re reading this, you’re planning or thinking about planning your wedding in Montenegro! And why shouldn’t you? It’s beautiful with its coastline and castles and will make an unforgettable destination for your guests and the honeymoon. Your Montenegro wedding photographer will capture many romantic shots for you and your partner to remember forever.


While it’s exciting to find the right venue and flowers, don’t forget about the legalities! They’re important too. Follow these 5 tips for your perfect Montenegro wedding.

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How to Get Married in Montenegro

1. Free to Marry Statement


US Residents need a Free to Marry Statement certificate, and those from the UK require a Certificate of No Impediment. These certificates mean that you are legally able to marry your partner. This statement certifies that each person is over 18 years old, and the bride and groom are not closely blood-related. To obtain one, contact your registry office in your home country. They should be able to tell you if there’s an expiration date and what the fee is. Make sure to get one about 3-6 months before the wedding date. 


2. Documents


Bring all the required documents to the Montenegrin municipality. Foreigners must provide birth certificates, passports, passports of witnesses, and a receipt of payment for the municipal fees. The bride and groom also need to bring a declaration of marital status.  Divorcees need to bring final divorce papers, and the widowed must bring the previous spouse’s death certificates. Citizens of some countries may need to provide separate proof of citizenship, and additional documents may be required. Contact your local registry office to have a complete list. Bring original documents to the Montenegrin municipality, as well as copies translated by a licensed translator. Your documents must be submitted at least seven days before the ceremony.


3. Euro Currency


One of the great things about a Montenegro wedding is their currency and central location to other destination spots in Europe. They use the euro currency, which makes it easy for both you and your guests. It’s also only about a 2-hour flight away from major European cities, providing an easy getaway for your honeymoon.


4. Who Must Attend


Your Montenegro wedding must have two witnesses, who will sign their names in a marriage registration book. The guests can be local or foreign. If the newlyweds or any guests are not citizens, a licensed translator must also be present. They are called sudski tumač, and they typically cost about fifty euros per hour.


5. Where You Can Marry


Any guest can marry in a city municipality, where a Montenegrin official court member would translate the documents. If you’d like to have a church wedding, the bride and groom must provide proof of their baptism. The documents must also be certified and translated. Catholic and Orthodox traditions are respected, so keep in mind that a priest would likely want to have a series of serious talks with the bride and groom. These usually take about a month. While the church wedding ceremonies are idyllic and romantic, they’re not legally binding, so the couple will need to go to the municipality for the state Certificate, or their homeland registry office.


Remember that any information can change without notice, so be sure to check with your local registry office for any updates. Whether you’re looking at Montenegro for its historic castles, sunny climate, or a rocky coastline, your Montenegro wedding will be unforgettable.

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