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Weddings At Lake Como

Are you dreaming of a fairytale wedding? Weddings are celebrations of love; they are magical, and when you pair true love with a picture-perfect destination, there is no way to go wrong. Get to know this whimsical Italian lake and fall in love with its beauty, history, and luxury. 

Why Lake Como? 

If you are looking to have a breath-taking destination wedding and are still hesitant regarding where to go, we have the ideal location. Lake Como is a paradise situated an hour away from Milan. This Italian destination is filled with romanticism and fairytale views. You will have it all; being the third largest lake in Italy, it is surrounded by many towns and villas full of luxury. At the same time, you get the feeling of being away from everything by being around the Alps, botanical gardens, and the tranquility of the lake. 

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How to have a civil, religious, or symbolic ceremony? 

Destination weddings sound like a dream. You pack your bags and get married at a stunning location with your loved ones around you. And it is like that for the most but remember to make it legal. Italian law allows for nonresident couples to get married if they follow the correct procedure and paperwork. Please make sure you have assistance to understand their laws.

You can get married at Town Halls and in some Villas that have the appropriate license to perform such events. 

Are you planning on having a legal ceremony at home and just want to have a symbolic one on your big day? This is the most flexible way to have a celebration. You do not have to do any paperwork or stress about the language, times, and fees. Symbolic ceremonies are ideal for couples that want to have a special moment to say their vows and express their love. You can perform this ceremony at your reception venue without the need to transport everyone from one location to the next one. 

Want to say yes at one of the magnificent catholic churches in Lake Como? It is possible, as a foreign couple, you should look for churches that allow nonresidents to celebrate a wedding. There are plenty of them. 

How to get married in Lake Como

1. Find your perfect wedding venue

2. Choose your wedding date

3. Hire wedding planner

4. Find wedding suppliers

5. Visit wedding venue before big day

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